We’ve been a little quiet on the old blogging front recently, apologies for that. We have had a jam (or pickle!?) packed summer already and it’s only the beginning of August! We have had all manor of events so far this summer, but two sorts in particular seem to be incredibly popular – brunches and BBQs. Thats the great thing about Great Britain, we don’t let a little (or a lot!) of rain ruin our plans. Come rain or shine, we will be out there with that grill!

BBQs are a lovely way of entertaining a lot of friends and family, even when you don’t have a dining room table big enough to sit everyone around it. People can mingle and sit on whatever emergency chairs/stools/blankets you’ve got available. It is also great way to get children involved, as the food can easily be made child friendly or fancied up for the adults. The important thing is making sure there is something for everyone, whatever their dietaries. We recently catered a BBQ that was completely meat free, including vegetarian pumpkin & chickpea burgers and vegan cauliflower pakoras on charred flatbreads. We even managed to please the most carnivorous of meat eaters!

Chickpea and butternut burgers Pakora patties Beef sirloin

We think that the side dishes are just as important as the main event at a BBQ and so put special effort into creating unique and interesting salads and accompaniments. A lot of people ask how we think up the dishes on our menus, and quite often, it’s from playing around with ideas at home, for our own meals. Also reading (lots) of other chefs recipes and zoning out with the occasional foodie TV programme. At this time of year it is possible to find really great fresh British produce and you don’t need to do too much to it to make the flavours sing.

Monkfish kebabs Chicory, pear & walnut Brownies & Sticky Toffee

Brunch is another great way to have a more casual get together with friends and family. When people book holiday rentals for a weekend, we often get asked to provide a 4 course dinner one night and a brunch on another day. It takes the pressure off one member of the party having to get everyone’s eggs just as they like them, and allows for a leisurely paced holiday morning.

Homemade bread and marmalade Table setting Smashed avocado and poached eggs with chilli

As our menus are all bespoke to suit the individual party needs, we can provide whatever kind of breakfast is wanted, but generally people seem to enjoy a mixture of cooked and continental dishes to tuck into. With the continental options we can provide homemade bread and pastries as well as Little Pickle jam and marmalade amongst other options. With regards to hot choices the list is endless but, recently, there seems to be a lot of call for smashed avocado on sourdough with poached eggs and chilli – we love it too!

If you would like to book a brilliant BBQ or a blissful brunch please get in touch by emailing us info@thelittlepickle.co.uk

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