To be asked to make someones wedding cake is a massive honour (as well as being a little daunting!). We were thrilled to be asked by Charlotte and Harry to make their wedding cake and wanted to make sure it pleased both the bride and groom. Harry had requested a ‘brownie type cake’ and Charlotte had asked for ‘something pretty’ and no heavy Royal icing but these were the only requirements. Although this was our first wedding cake we have quite a bit of cake making experience including several birthday cakes that were quite challenging at the time!

IMG_0359 IMG_0261 IMG_3961 IMG_4096

IMG_1563We began by sketching out our cake design and planning how many layers, what kind of icing, what equipment was needed etc. Once the tins had been purchased and the recipe finalised, the fun could begin. First of all, each sponge needed to be made. We had chosen to do a four tiered cake made from a chocolate génoise sponge; using a génoise sponge makes the cake easier to handle and slightly more robust, giving us that brownie-esque finish that Harry wanted. Once the sponges were cooled we painted each tier with warm raspberry jam to stop any crumbs falling off into the icing. We had decided to make a raspberry buttercream to cover the cake and then decorate with fresh fruit. We thought that this style would suit the couple and their chosen venue which was a wonderful manor house in Devon – Ashbarton House.

IMG_1674 KJTW8472 IMG_1699 IMG_1702 IMG_1703

We used dowels in each layer to keep it sturdy and cooled the cake at each stage to make smoothing the icing as easy as possible. We made some meringue kisses to decorate the cake as well as the fruit to give a festive feeling and then topped the cake with a Mr & Mrs topper.

IMG_1725 IMG_1727 IMG_1730

The bride and groom were thrilled with the cake and the guests seemed to enjoy it too! We are so pleased that it all went to plan and would happily do it again – perhaps not for our own wedding!

IMG_1913 mr & mrs lj

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Logan-Jones!

Posted on: 5th May 2016
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